Monday, 9 May 2011

More dead & gone test pressings

Quite a few folk seem to be selling off their collections here in the UK (including Mr dead & gone himself, Ian Wiles) which is good news for me but bad news for my bank account. It's amazing to think what the label achieved really-40 odd releases and some genuine classics in there. Sadly, Ian is still clearing up his debts so those idiots who dubbed him as a money grabbing rich kid (and someone did, on the profane existence board a few years back) were clearly talking out of their arse.
Anyway onto today's entry-a couple of test pressing-first up the Black Thursday 29 debut LP 'The escape'. Good band, they did two more LPs (the second one on D&G). They played good heavy but heartfelt hardcore, sincre as hell. I like the Gorilla biscuits rip off cover, numbered out of 15.

Next up is another great record but is just a plain no sleeved test pressing of the Death is not glamorous (or DING as they are known as on this cover)'undercurrents' 7". These guys were from Olso, Norway and played really nice melodic hardcore. Again sincre as fuck. I believe there 3 pressings of this 7"(and a CD version)so it was pretty popular. They also did a LP ('Soft clicks') and split 7" with the Down and Outs, also on D&G but this is my favourite release of theirs.

This is what the cover actually looks like (taken from my CD sleeve, I'm too lazy to go and dig out the 7")

It's been good for me at the moment with scores and there's plenty more to list too.

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