Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Parasite-Sin 7"

A bit ago I picked up Parasite's metal punk masacre 10" and was blown away so their 'sin' 7" immediately went onto my wants list and last week I managed to secure a trade involving a copy so I was pretty pleased. Two more tracks of brilliance. Mid paced Japanese with a large dollop of metal. These guys like their Maiden etc. This was released by Tadpole (who did the 10") and was sold out very quickly. Not sure of the pressing info-about 300-500 copies I'm guessing. I've already seen one on the bay for daft money but you can never tell with prices on there sometimes. What might be gold one week can end up selling for peanuts the week after. Besides it's about the music not how much money you can make on a record. Hopefully the world will catch how good these guys are. With a release out on Holy terror records, the plan for global domination could be starting.


Yung-star said...

Such a great 7".

You should try and pick up the Sex Messiah 7" too. I think you will enjoy them too.


Mark-Sandwell said...

Will do, thanks for the heads up.