Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Just added two more copies of this classic record to my collection (makes four different versions I own now). First up is the repress by Reflex from a few years ago on solid purple vinyl, just limited to 100. Looks really nice actually, I was expecting clear purple for some reason. Reflex did do good jobs on their releases-what happened to them I wonder?

Next up and more importantly is the original on Xclaim. One of the pricier and much more sought after things on the label (next to SSD's 'the kids will have their say'). This is one of those things I thought I'd never own but one came up for sale and I thought 'fuck it' and caved in. Some things just have to be done.

Nothing to really say about this record except every self respecting fan should have at least one version of this record in their collection. If not, give up now.


Mike said...

I gave you shit for owning only 4 copies of Promises Kept, but you can dish it back to me because the only version I own of this is a TAANG cassette tape. You win.

Sebastiaan Putseys said...
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