Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Night birds-The other side of darkness LP

After a string of 7"s, the Night Birds have finally dropped a full length and it's their best release yet (in my humble opinion). It's a mix of old school hardcore punk with surf guitar elements and oh and these guys love horror films too so how can you fail. In fact there's a sound bite from the classic movie 'Brain damage'. All copies of the first pressing are on black but a very limited amount of the pre-orders came with a special sleeve which sadly I missed out on. Oh well. If Grave mistake records repress this on colour I will certainly buy another copy. That's what us nerds do right?

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Across Your Face said...

I got this for free on cd with my last grave mistake order and really like it. Totally reminds me of old San Jose skate punk like Los olvidados. Gotta get the lp on next order!