Saturday, 19 November 2011

Floorpunch-Discography 2xLP Euro press

I was gutted at the beginning of 2010 when I missed out on the Floorpunch reunion and even more gutted when I found out that there was a special version of their discography on SFU records made up exclusively only for the European tour. Of course these things soon became Ebay gold and I ruled out the idea of ever getting one. So to my surprise I managed to bag one recently at just £12.50. I really lucked out there as copies had just sold before and just after at around £50-I just hit the right week. The funny thing is that I didn’t realise that I’d won it until over two weeks later as I had been in hospital for an operation and the guy had forgot himself to check Ebay so it arrived over a month after I actually won it. Still I’m chuffed to get such a bargain. The truth is that this thing isn’t much to look at. It is numbered out of 150 but the packaging is very basic and the labels are blank but fuck it because it is Floorpunch and I had to own it.


Mike said...

I still need to own this. Nice score.

mcs said...

I went to the London show & they were selling them for £20 or £25 (forget which). So £12.50 is a total steal. Well done dude!