Saturday, 12 November 2011

Integrity-To die for 10" Test press

Another day, another A389 test press. Actually out of all the things featured in their recent 24 hour test press sale this was the one I wanted the most (and typically it was one of the more expensive items). Released originally back in 2003 as a CD on Deathwish records this is one of my favourite Integ records and it came after a string of pretty dodgy releases (Closure, that horrible 'covers' CD etc). This was the Integrity that I knew and loved and they were back on track. The vinyl was a long time coming. At one point it even looked like Marcus of Endless quest would be putting it out but in the end A389 did the honours. I already had the 3 limited colours of this release so adding a test to the collection seemed like the logical conclusion (unless they put it out again on another colour of course).


mcs said...

Nice score. I think this was the "second" test press. As you know, the first press was on blue vinyl, and for this they made 5 blue vinyl tests. They also had sleeves. You can see one on my blog HERE.

Then when they did the second press on red, for some reason they did another test press. Seems weird as there was no need to because they had the plates made. Anyway, I only found out about this one a couple of months ago. Kinda annoyed me.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Yeah I had a feeling that this wasn't the only test press but cheers for the info. It means I probably need to try and find a blue one now. Bah!!

thoebers said...

got the integrity / avm split on green for sale