Friday, 4 November 2011

Amebix-Sonic mass LP

The new album from the mighty Amebix. Only been 24 years since the last one, that's some osrt of record surely. Anyway the most important matter is whether it's actually any good or not. Some are saying it isn't but but I think this is a superb comeback from a band who were so influencial on many bands that are bigger in name (Neurosis etc). The new stuff does have goth elements to it but boy, when it's heavy , it's damn heavy. Also helped by the fact that this is probably the finest sounding production job that they've ever had. It's like they've finally been able to to do the record they've always wanted to. I imagine these still to be a force to be reckoned with live. Easy action records have put this out and the entire first pressing is on red vinyl with a snazzy looking gatefold sleeve. The second pressing will be on black and so will the following pressings but in a regular sleeve (as opposssed to a gatefold one).

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