Monday, 21 November 2011

Death is not glamorous-Undercurrents 7" Tour sleeve

One of the things I miss about Dead and gone records is the fact that they used to release records by bands that I probably wouldn't have got round to checking out if they hadn't come out on that label. Norway's Death is not glamorous were one of those bands. I remember ordering their 7" back in 2006 and automatically liking it. It was positive, upbeat and inspiring feel good hardcore-the sort of stuff that puts a smile on your face as soon as you hear it. Death is not glamorous are still around and quite recently put out a new album which is as good as anything else they've ever done. Anyway back to this 7". It must have sold well as there were 3 different pressings. This one was sold on their UK tour in 2006 which I recently scored for cheap on Ebay was from the first press and was one of the black vinyl copies. Like a lot of bands that toured around that time I didn't catch them but if they ever make it over again I'll definitely make the effort next time round.

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