Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Regret-Demo 2005 7" mailorder version + test press

Recently while placing an order (OK about about two and a half months ago-this took a while to turn up) I decided to add the Regret-Demo 2005 7" that organised crime records put out back in 2006. Even though I'd never heard it before or knew anything about it I figured it was cheap and because OCR had put it out and most of their records are good. So when it finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised not just to get one of the limited to 61 mailorder versions on white vinyl but also a test press numbered out of 20!!! How cool!!! Anyway sticking this on it's very typical of early to mid noughties hardcore. Many bands were doing the Metal tinged thing (ala American nightmare) and these were no exception. There was a former Holding on member involved too. It's a good little record-well played and all but I can see why it got lost in the shuffle. I guess many bands of the time stood out a lot more. Anyway it's nice to finally hear it and of course wind up with two very limited pressings.

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