Monday, 31 October 2011

Alert-Find your way 7" record release

A while back I recieved an email from Six feet under records saying that they had some of the record release show versions of the Alert 7". I naturally headed to the store and got lucky and bagged one. Alert play old school style sXe and if you like that stuff you can't fail as they pull it off well (albiet while still being generic sounding). Anyway this bad boy was just limited to 54 copies so I was surprised any were left over unless no one attended the show. The sleeve is better than the actual regular version (which I don't have yet)and the labels are hand stamped. Another nice souvenir of a gig I never went to (and maybe not many others did either).


Mike said...

The Record Release pressing has the black and white cover, and is limited to 50.

The yellow and black cover was the Fest Pressing, and limited to 54. This one I still need.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Ah my bad. Still surprised there were any leftovers tho'.

BleedingEdges said...

I was at the record release show, which was in Philly (very far from their home town). They only played Philly once before, and nobody was really into them which is why they had extras. There were like 50 for that show, but I already pre-ordered it so I didn't buy another version.