Sunday, 9 October 2011

Paint it black-New Lexicon LP 2008 Euro tour version

I remember going to see Paint it black back in 2008 with Trash talk and I wasn't too impressed by them. I thought Trash talk blew them off stage to be honest.I've seen them twice since and my opinion has changed. They are a great band, both live and on record and Dan Yemen is such a cool frontman. Anyway back to the 2008 show I remember them selling a tour version of their album 'new lexicon' exclusive to Europe. Having not being blown away by them I didn't bother getting a copy. I would regret that later as it became a wanted item of mine when I started really getting into the band. So at last, 3 years since that gig I've managed to bag a copy. 250 pressed with a different sleeve on blue vinyl. The funny thing is that I think this is my favourite thing by them now yet 3 years ago I just wasn't bothered.

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