Sunday, 25 July 2010

Despise you-West side horizons LP

Coming out of Inglewood, California, Despise you were one of the crucial bands of the 90's power violence movement. Although they only ever did a 7" and a handful of splits and comp tracks they left behind a legacy that bands still draw upon inspiration today. Forest moon records decided to release this discography on vinyl (which had only previously been available on CD) to just 500 copies. 150 on a nice blue colour and the rest on boring black. Of course they're all sold out so keep trying eBay. It features no less than 62 tracks including covers of tracks originally by Possessed, Circle jerks, DRI and Beowulf yet they sounded like none of those bands. The dual vocal stuff is awesome. Even though I have nearly everything by them (except the split with Crom) this is handier having it all in one place.

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