Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Insect warfare-World extermination LP Clear

No doubt one of the best Grindcore records of the last decade. I first picked a black copy of this up at a gig back in 2007 only to find out just after that there was a clear copy out. A bit unusual as 625 who originally released this never really bothered with limited edition colour vinyl. Anyway this was later snapped up by Earache who re-released it (quite fittingly really as they definitely would had put this out in the late 80's had it been recorded then-which of course it sounds like it has) and it came on at least 3 colours of vinyl including a very limited version on green (which I have). This recently popped up on ebay so I managed to secure it so I own 3 copies of this record. Tempted to track down a white copy to complete the set. This clear one was just limited to 100 copies. One to strike off my list. Now to play this fucker LOUD!!!

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