Saturday, 17 July 2010

Neckbrace-s/t 7"

Hailing from Bradford, Neckbrace were a militant straight edge band influenced by bands like Earth Crisis, etc which were all the rage at the time. This 7" was their only record and may have been the only release also for No cruelty records out of Germany who put this out. Recorded in 1994, These four tracks hold up ok apart from the the dumb generic sxe lyrics and apart from Earth Crisis the music also reminds me a bit of some Ebulition bands as well like Struggle and Downcast. As you can guess at least 3 of the 4 members broke their edge just after this came out and the only remainding Straight edge member, vocalist Heath (who previously sang in No way out & Nailbomb and went on after to sing in Stampin' Ground for a while) now drinks. It's pretty funny because I remember seeing them at a festival in Bradford in 1994 and Heath saying over the mic 'if you're not straight edge you can fuck off!!'. I bet he'd find that hilarious now if I reminded him. I will the next time I see him. Anyway I never actually owned this till today as I had only ever borrowed a copy of a friend at the time but my man, Mark B hooked me up so thanks dude. Listening to this brought a smile on my face. Not sure how many were pressed but I did hear a rumour once that some were pressed on green vinyl. If that's true then I want one. Until then this will do.

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