Saturday, 24 July 2010

Negative Approach-s/t 7"

Always nice when you cross a long time item off your wants especially when it's a big one, such as this little beauty-the Negative approach 7". Yeah, this is a second pressing but it's still an original and commands a daft price on eGay. Even though this wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination I got it for the best price I could considering this item just seems to be getting higher in value.
I don't need to mention the music surely-you should already know that this is one of the all time hardcore classics-which still sounds as angry and brutal today. Nearly 30 years later and loads of bands who weren't even born when this came out are trying to recapture this sound. Anyway one for the vaults. Awesome!!!


mcs said...

Good score, fool!

Lins87 said...

if I could only own 1 hc ep, it would be this one! hard as nails. Good find Mark.