Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pale Creation-s/t 7" on Red

Whenever you think of the words 'Cleveland' and 'Hardcore' two different styles spring to mind. The first is the middle finger in your face punk rock of bands like 9 shocks terror, H-100's, Inmates etc and the other is the metallic apocalyptic sounds of Integrity and all the other holy terror style bands. Pale Creation neatly fall into the later category. Having been around since the 90's the only other Pale creation thing I own is the 'twilight haunt'CD that was released on the long defunct East coast empire records label which I havent listened for ages. On the strength of this new 7" it's definitely long overdue a revisit as these two tracks absolutely destroy. This is without doubt one of the finest things I've heard this year and there's been some great stuff released so far. I think there are only 250 on Red vinyl as this came as part of the pre-order package which featured the second pressing of the Integrity 'To die for'10" (also on red). Yep, this 7" rules plain and simple and is proof why A389 records are one of the finest labels around today.

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