Thursday, 1 July 2010

Acme-s/t 7"

The first time I heard this 7" upon it's initial release back in the mid 90's I was like 'Holy fucking shit!!!'. It was like being hit by a sledge hammer. 16 years or so later this baby still destroys. Hailing from Germany, one misconception about this band was that they were straight edge. Ha, no chance. My friend told me a funny story that he saw them at a festival and was chatting with the drummer after their set and he was so stoned he shoved a load of Pistachio nuts into his mouth and didn't realise they were still in their shells, as he was talking and eating at the same time bits of shell kept flying out of his gob and hitting my friend. I also remember reading an interview with one of them saying they had been on tour with Belgium's Shortsight (who WERE straight edge) and shared a bus with them. They woke up out of a drunken haze to find Shortsight pouring all their booze out of one of the windows. This was their only 'proper' solo release and it was the demo pressed onto a 7". (Edison in The US would later press this onto a 12"/CD with extra tracks). Machination records out of Belgium released this first on black and then I think it was the second pressing on clear. For years I just had the original pressing which I picked up from a distro at the time but only just the other week my friend gave me a clear copy so it was nice to finally get it after it being one of my (minor) wants for such a long time. For me , this still remains one of the best (and perhaps the heaviest) hardcore 7"s of the 90's. Wish I had got to see them live. Surprised they haven't got back together and done a reunion tour-every fucker else has.

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