Sunday, 27 June 2010

Trap them-Filth rations 12"

A while back i decided to join the Southern lord vinyl subscription club. Basically they claimed that the only colour vinyl copies of the records released would be included in this package. Non subscribers would only be able to get black vinyl from their mailorder. Well that turned out to be bollocks as at least the Pelican album was released on two different colours (apart from the standard black). Things got off to a rocky start as they ignored my packing instructions (about removing the records from the sleeve so the cover doesn't get ruined in the post) and actually sent me a black vinyl instead of a colour one for the Ascend album. To be fair they were very prompt at sorting out a replacement but have still not bothered complying with my instructions-thankfully nothing has arrived damaged yet. The fourth instalment in this club and by far the best yet is the Trap them 12". This is fucking awesome and I like the grey vinyl too.
The only problem is that there's only 4 tracks on here and it's a one sided record (the other side has some etching on it). As this worked out really expensive after postage etc-I feel slightly cheated. Thankfully the amazing 4 tracks of heavy almost crusty/metallic hardcore on here stop me getting too depressed. Southern lord seem to be branching out a little away from the doom/drone/black metal stuff they normally release with bands like this, Black Breath and Black cobra. I heartily aprove, more please!!!

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