Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lifetime represses.

There's a lot of bands that I slept on the first time round for some reason or other and Lifetime are one of them. I think it was probably because around the time they were pretty popular I was mainly into the heavy shit like grindcore and vegan SXE mosh stuff and this lot were closer to the pop punk sound-a genre I mainly stayed away from . Anyway it's true as you get older your tastes do broaden and you end up loving stuff that wouldn't have got a look in years ago and you curse yourself for taking so long to come to your senses and finally discover how great some bands really are. As you probably already know Lifetime featured Dan Yemin on guitar who went on to play in Kid Dynamite and sing in the current (and awesome) Paint it black. I heard No idea were repressing these two albums (originally released by Jade tree) so I thought it was about time I got on the case and I'm glad that I did-these records rock but at the same time I've opened a can of worms because now I want more Lifetime records.

Nice coloured vinyls and top packaging. Well worth a nosey.

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Lins87 said...

Their best two releases imo. Look really nice on those colours.