Friday, 11 June 2010

Doom test pressings

I have a soft spot for Doom mainly because my friend Wayne Southworth used to sing in them during the 90's and in the reformed 00's version. Sadly Wayne passed away in March 2005 aged only 28.
Recently I managed to get my grubby mitts on these nice test pressings. First up is the a test press of the 2010 release of their 1996 album 'Rush hour of the gods' which in my opnion was the best thing they ever did. I still have the original version but this has been remastered and does sound a bit better. This still rages hard.

Also got a test of the split 7" they did with Hiatus. This bugger actually sold 5000 copies back in the day which shows how popular they were (and still are, as the reformed Doom are playing this year's Hellfest in France)
By far the coolest and oddest of the batch was this-the split they did with Cress. It doesn't look like much I know on initial viewing because it didn't come with a sleeve and I don't have the proper release to show you which came out as a 10" but this is the uncut 12" test pressing and you can see if you look carefully that the grooves start further on into the record.

Apart from getting and playing these I also dug out and watched a DVD of the last show that Wayne did with them from February 2005 which brought a smile to my face. RIP buddy. You may be gone but you'll never be forgotten.

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