Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Violent Minds-We are nothing LP

I have to say I'm a fan of Violent minds and have most of their stuff but I'd passed this up for a couple of reasons-the only copies I ever saw available for sale in the UK were on black and I wanted a colour copy. There was no point buying a black copy when the damn thing would still be on my wants list. And the reason I didn't mailorder direct from Derranged records is because the postage costs from Canada is fucking insane. It just wasn't worth it. I knew someday it would turn up and sure enough it did as I got in touch with someone who had it for a non stupid price. Anyway as late as it was (about 3 years after it's release) I was real excited about hearing it. To say I was I disappointed would be an understatement. For a start it sounds like shit. I mean I know some classic hardcore isn't what you'd call exactly polished but the fact it wasn't deliberat adds to the charm. To go out of your way to make a record sound rubbish isn't very clever in my book which I'm sure they did-if they didn't then they need to have a word with the producer (and the studio). I'm sure there's some decent songs on here but it's hard to tell which they are with such a bad production job. Most of the anti establishment lyrics are good but then they have to go and spoil it with the last track-a dumb song about getting some 'action' which stands out like a sore thumb. Maybe they were being ironic but it doesn't work if that was the intention. If they were being serious then they're just contradicting themselves as they sound exactly like the people they spent the rest of of the record oppposing.
Anyway my copy is on clear-I'm sure it's a later pressing as it's still avliable from Derranged. I'm not assed about hunting down any other colour now. I may have been if this had been a good record. I still want their first album on grey so if you wanna sell/trade that then hook me up.


marcus said...

I've never heard this LP. But if you had asked me to guess whether it was likely to be good or shit, i would have gone for shit.

R said...

Only one pressing. 20 test press, 200 clear, 800 black. I like the record, it sounds exactly how it is supposed to sound. Violent Minds were great.