Sunday, 18 July 2010

Champion-Promises kept LP Maroon

I slept on quite a few hardcore bands and records during to the early to mid noughties for a couple of reasons. Even though I still bought (not as many) hardcore records and went to shows I was listening to alot of hip hop which for a period was my main thing. The other reason is that my other passion , horror films took over music for a few years as the DVD revoultion kicked off and I got chance to see many of my favourite films like I'd never seen them before or just things that I had been meaning to see but could never previously track down. Anyway I couldn't afford to do everything so many things I missed out on which ironic in some cases as I'm paying a lot more to get them now than I would have done back then. The Champion album 'Promises kept' is no exception. This was released by two different labels-Dead and gone-over here in the UK and of course by Bridge nine in the states and there othere several different colours on each pressing. I only previously had a black vinyl copy on D&G until this weekend gone I bagged a maroon pressing on B9. These bad boys were limited to just 300 and although this wasn't cheap, it's a pretty sought after item and normally commands more on EGay.

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