Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cleanser-Unclean 7"

Not every record that makes these blogs will be great because sadly every record collector picks up a stinker or two-this stinker came in the form of a Cleanser record that I found off my local flea market for a quid. A quid too much. In fact if it had been free and had come with a £20 note I would have still felt cheated. Looking at their myspace page (yes everyone has one, even shit bands that broke up years ago which no one cared about) and this is what they have to say for themselves;
'Formed in 1995, Cleanser played a style of Hardcore/metal that was ahead of it's time.
They mixed Hardcore/Metal & Melodic parts to create a unique sound. Derek's metallic riffage, Keith's unique drumwork, mixed with the very unique vocals of The one and only Christian McKnight brought a style of metalcore that was new to the scene form 1995-98.
This sytle is very popular today & Cleanser was one of the bands to start it all.'

Okay let's look into the hyperbole- to start off with there were LOADS of bands playing this style of hardcore in the 90's-many of them were pretty rubbish but Cleanser were possibly the crappest of them all. This record is an embarrassment. The vocals and the music sucks. The 3 songs here are the longest tracks you will ever hear. No, they're not epic in length or anything-they're so bad it just seems like they're neverending. Let's hope nobody eggs them on into a reunion-trust me they would get laughed off stage especially in this day and age where musicianship seems to be considered to be more important than ever before. The saving grace is that this is only a 7"-I imagine having to cope with a full length CD would drive me to suicide. The cover is horrible too. Did I mention that I don't really like this record?


Yung-star said...

Pretty sure the Derek in question is the guy who also played in Neglect.


Mark-Sandwell said...

They did do a split 7" with Neglect so you could be right. Neglect were pretty decent though.