Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bastard noise-A culture of monsters LP

I was a huge Man is the bastard/Charred remains fan back in the early 90's and had most of their records (my favourite being the split with Crossed out-which must still rank of one of the best splits EVER). When they first used the name Bastard noise it was for their noise/power electronics stuff and a seperate project from their guitar stuff and I thought that's all it still was but when I decided to give this a go (I do like the odd noise record still)I was floored-it's full power violence similar to the stuff from around the Sum of the men album era. In other words it's fucking awesome and is one of the picks for the best records of 2010 which has so far been a ridiclously good year for great music. The packaging is something else too-lush gatefold sleeve, big assed poster and a choice of red, white and blue vinyl. I opted for white but I'm tempted to complete the set . I definitely need the split with Endless blockade now and any other stuff I've missed.

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