Sunday, 8 August 2010

Black flag-Nervous breakdown 7" Red

Have to admit as a kid when I first got into hardcore I never bothered with Black flag-I thought they were overrated musically (although I never denied their importance-probably the most important hardcore band ever actually)and also I always thought Henry Rollins was a bit of a cock. I was more into NYHC shit like Agnostic front, and other old stuff like Minor threat and and Circle jerks -I still prefer all those bands but in recent years I have come to appreciate the brilliance of Black flag and I don't even mind Rollins as much. I wish I had felt this way when I saw him at Reading in 1992-I may have really appreciated it.The main aspect of Black flag for me though is Greg Ginn's totally amazing guitar work-it's so chaotic and unpredictable -yet is water tight and precise at the same time. Amazing!! Anyway I don't have too much Flag stuff in the way of colour vinyl so it's always nice to have a new addition. This only cost me ten quid so I'm pretty happy with it.

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