Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Buzzoven-Sore LP

Another long time want removed from my list. I actually bought this on CD at the time and skipped the regular vinyl little knowing back then  that years later it would become a highly collectable item. Ah, the gift of hindsight. Anyway, Buzzoven were one of the first Sludge bands around. This was their big label debut (to Roadrunner). Knowing Roadrunner they probably dropped them when they failed to sell as many records as Sepultura-the guys who ran it were all about money. Still while Buzzoven may have never cracked the big time they were one of the pioneers of this style and have influenced many other bands. Members went on to play more angry and hateful bands like Weedeater, Sourvein etc. All good stuff!!!
 This was in the batch of stuff that I bagged the other weekend and I'm pretty damn stoked to finally own it on vinyl. With a cover like that, it needs to be 12 inches big to be apprecaited.

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