Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wolfbrigade-Damned LP Euro tour edition

Yeah I know it's been a while. I had loads of trouble with this account for uploading photos (it's still shaky now!) and then my damn camera died on me. Anyway fingers crossed that I'm back up and running and can catch up with the shedload of vinyl I've picked up lately.
 This weekend gone I was at the Bloodshed fest in Eindhoven, Holland. Great times!! I came back with my luggage heavier than when I went which is always the way with these things but hey-that's part of the ritual, right? Anyway  amongst the many other goodies that I acquired I picked up a limited tour version of the new Woldbrigade LP. It comes in a cool paper sleeve to wrap around the original one and it's on what could be the 'rust' vinyl that Southern lord were meant to send me before they cocked up another order (there's a surprise!!). I do like Wolfbrigade I must say. I've been a fan of their D-beat assault since the days they were called Wolfpack -in fact I remember going to see them at a near empty gig in Bradford at the 1 in 12 club in 1998. I was still blown away despite hardly any bugger being there. It's pretty mad to see how their fan base has grown over the years although unfortunately they attract a lot of idiots too so it seems. (Stupid drunken crusty assholes).
 So this is their umpteenth album and it's what you'd expect-hard hiting and smoking hot.