Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bad brains-I against I LP White

Picked this up in my local store last week in the second hand section which was a nice find. It's not the best Brains LP but by far the worst. This is a German Pressing on the Instant/Line records label. Line also did a white vinyl pressing of 'Rock for light' (Which I have a spare of, if anyone's interested). It is notably different next to the SST (blue lettering on the cover for a start). As I have the clear and green vinyl on SST already I decided to include a snapshot of the boys together.


Mugsey said...

Fuck, I was only in there 2 weeks ago myself. We were parked on double yellows so I got what I asked for at the desk. Didn't even get a chance to look at shit.

Great find

seconds said...

Hello, I have a black pressing (RP on SST) and I noticed SACRED LOVE is spelled SCARED LOVE on the back cover. Ever heard about this typo? I couldn't find anything about it on the web. thnx