Friday, 19 October 2012

Darkest hour-Undoing ruin LP Test press

I've been with Darkest hour since pretty much the beginning-since they first dropped their first CD on Art monk construction. That shocked many at the time as that label was notable for really releasing only Emo-ish stuff.  Needless to say Darkest hour stood apart from the rest of the Art monk roster. They moved onto others labels such as East coast empire, southern lord and eventually Victory. It wasn't until 'Mark of the Judas' where I really got into the band. What a blinding album that is. I still need a clear copy of that one.
 Recently I saw this on Ebay-a test press which is also signed by all members. Pretty much a unique item which I was pretty surprised that I won. Are the kids not as down with DH in 2012 as they were previously? Anyway I'm not complaining-my only gripe is that this purchase has made me realise how lacking my collection is DH vinyl. Damn, it all begins-again!!!

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