Saturday, 27 October 2012

Carnage-Dark Recollections LP

Last weekend an old friend called me and told me he was having a record clearout. There went my plan of the window with not buying anymore records this month. One visit later and my collection was slightly bigger and my bank account a bit smaller. I'm not complaining though, one thing that I've learnt over all these years with my record collecting habit is that if you see something you want and you can afford it then grab it there and then because especially these days it may not be around if you decide to hold off and try picking it up later,particarly if the price is more than reasonable.
It was a pretty good haul but one of the crown jewels for me was this LP-the first and only ever Carnage album. It's become of a bit of a holy grail for collectors of Swedish death metal as not only was it one of the first records to capture that trademark Swedish sound but also because members went onto other highly acclaimed bands such as Dismember, Carcass and Arch enemy.
 It was released back in 1990 on Necrosis records-a short lived sub division of the mighty Earache records. It's a lovely item to have as this is from probably favourite era and genre of death metal. Listening to this reminds me why I have very little interest in what's going with the majority of current death metal these days unless they're playing it in a retro-style and you can't beat the genuine article-which is what this is.

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