Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Off with their Heads/Discharge-Split 7" Second pressing/Fest version

Probably the oddest release for me last year was this 7". These two bands actually together on one record released by small UK label Drunken Sailor records?
 I have no interest in what Discharge are doing these days (they were so boring when I saw them in Summer) but I do like OWTH a lot although they put out too many split releases with other bands (this being one of many of them). This was originally meant to be a one off release but here's a second pressing anyway. 300 all on on white vinyl and 50 came with this white sleeve which was made up for some festival (Don't know which one). I bagged one of the leftovers when they hit the store. Look very nice I must say. Discharge don't sound that bad here but at the end of the day I actually prefer quite a few of the bands that they actually influenced rather than them. OWTH are still the reason to tune into this though. Good stuff!!!

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