Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunn O)))- Agharthi live 09-10 LP

Well over a year ago Southern lord announced they were doing a subscription only club deal where if you signed up you would get the only colour version of the records (non members would supposedly be able to only just get the regular black vinyl and there was to be a special exclusive club only release. Well early on I started to regret making the descision to sign up, for starters it worked out very expensive living in the UK, then they fucked the first order up by just sending a regular black version of the Ascend LP and it turned that subcription members weren't the only ones recieving the colour version of some of the releases after all (The Pelican LP was at least released in one more colour apart from the black and subcription club version). And then the exclsuive record was announced-a live Sunn O)))) LP (+7"). I'm sure a lot of members jumped for joy when they heard about that but I wasn't among them-I've never really got into Sunn O))). Earth were doing that stuff first (and better). Anyway later than it should have it finally arrived at my door and despite being well packaged the cover still had a fucking crease on it. That said it does look great but listening to this reminds me why it's overall a disapoitment to me-I just can't get into them full on. Oh well, I'm sure a lot of Sunn O)))) fans are mad that one of these have slipped into the hands of someone who isn't overall bothered about owning this but if you want to hit me up with offers then feel free-I can live without this probably. Anyway it did come with a snazzy slipmat (which I'm not parting with) which looks great on my deck.


-cja said...

The subscription series only guaranteed you two things: one vinyl color-way (clear with red and black streaks) exclusive to all albums featured in the subscription -and- a special album available no where else.

SL definitely pressed all the subscription albums on different colors (as you noted with the Pelican LP) available to anyone. SL is rather cryptic with pressing info and there's a lot that you find out in drips and drabs over time, ie., 100 copies for band/label only, europe only colors, etc etc.

the SUNN LP + 7" is a joke though. SL said the secret item was to be exclusive to the subscription and nowhere else. yet when the secret was announced, it was also announced that 450 copies were going to be available at their Roadburn performance as well. so much for exclusivity!

i'd take the SUNN off your hands if you're down to trade. might you have a trade list and/or contact info?

Mark-Sandwell said...

Don't have a full trade list done up, although I do have some spares for trade or maybe sale (like an original copy of the terrorizer LP). I'm not desperate to get rid of the Sunn O))) LP but will do for the right deal. I'm after any cool sXe, hc stuff... whatever.

-cja said...

i don't have a trade list. in terms of HC, i have a Jerry's Kids LP on X-Claim!, Infest 'slave' on blue, though it's a tad beat up... um, i'm not sure what else. whenever i get my vinyl database finished, i'll hit you up.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Shame I have both of those, yeah, just let me know when you sort a list or something out, thanks.