Thursday, 21 April 2011

Parasite-Metal punk massacre 10"

I've never professed to be big on or even know much about Japanese hardcore punk. I used to like some of the stuff from the 80's which turned up on comps like Outo, Rose rose etc and some of the 90's tackle on HG fact like Judgement, paintbox. The only 3 bands of the last decade I can claim to like from Japan are Disclose (RIP), Crow and now these guys.
I know a lot of collectors absolutely hate 10" records but I think otherwise-they're a really cool and cute looking format and I've always had a soft spot for them. Anyway this Parasite record is indeed 10 inches big and comes housed in a lovely gatefold sleeve. Although it was released by Tadpole records in the UK (500 I think)most of them were shipped abroad and Darren who put this out sold his stock very quickly. I managed to track this down from a distro he had off loaded a few copies too and boy I'm glad I did.
Let's try and describe this then-well it's very Japanese sounding (obviously) and they do love their metal as there's plenty of Maiden-esque riffs dropped in there but overall it's great sounding hardcore punk. Not as frantic as some Japanese HC but still very awesome. Seek.

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