Saturday, 30 April 2011

Self Destruct test pressings

Funny enough a couple of years ago one of my main wants happened to be a test pressing of the first Self destruct 7". Self destruct were an awesome band that played old style hardcore and released two 7"s and then vanished. Their 7" 'This is not your world' was released on Dead& gone records and it's wierd why it really became such a highly wanted item of mine. Okay, it's a great record but because apart from the record release version which had a different sleeve there wasn't a limited version available which unusual for D&G-they usually did a colour vinyl as well as the normal black. I guess that added something to why I really wanted it. Also this test pressing had a superb and very striking sleeve (a rip off of the 'let them eat jellybeans' comp). One actually went for over £60 on the bay which I thought was pretty insane at the time but then again there only 10 of them so it was super rare really and that might have been the only chance the winning bidder would ever have to get one. Thankfully mine didn't cost that amount but I probably paid more than most people would these days. Not that I care to be honest, I've been after this for ages and the only people I knew who owned a copy wouldn't part with it so when this came up for private sale I naturally pounced on it.

As you can see I got number nine.

The dude I bought this off also had their second 7" on test pressing for sale so it made perfect sense to but that too. This is the better of the two as well. A really awesome record that was one of my favourite 7"s of 2008. It was a split release between Zandor records and Rumour control records. Alex of Zandor is still going strong putting out records but I think Rumour control called it a day. This was also limited out of 10 and this time it's a homage to the first Adololescents LP sleeve.

The original fold out sleeve looks like this.

So, a nice score. Also nice to bag something you've wanted for ages even if a lot of people probably don't even know or remember the records.

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mcs said...

Coincidentally, I just won a Self Destruct 7" on ebay. Will probably get around to posting it up in about two months at the rate I am going...