Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Champion-Count our numbers 7" record release

This marks my fourth copy of the Champion 'count our numbers', released on Bridge nine records back in 2002 (nearly a decade ago, fucking hell). I was listening to a lot of hip hop around then, as well as spending a lot of money collecting horror films on DVD and living a life style that was anything but straight edge so I was out of the loop with new hardcore releases which I'm paying for dearly now(quite literally). I've always been a sucker for the youth crew style and have been since the late 80's and Champion in my opinion were one of the best bands that did the '88 revival style. This was a limited edition of just 116 (my number is 76) on white label with a blank label. There was another white vinyl release too with a proper label and regular sleeve. The cover is obviously a take on Youth of today's classic album 'We're not in this alone' (still one of my all time hardcore records) and looks pretty darn cool. Just a few years these were going for silly money on the 'bay but thankfully the price has drooped down a bit and I bought mine off someone privately which is good on two counts-One, you don't get into a bidding war and lose like I normally do at the last minute and secondly because you're not lining the pockets of those greedy, rip off fuckers at Ebay.

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