Saturday, 9 April 2011

SSS-s/t 7"release show edition

Has it really been 5 years since SSS dropped their first 7" upon us. Wow, time certainly flies. Here we are on the blink of a third album and I've only just managed to bag one of these beauties which were made up for their record release show (which I didn't make it to). 50 were made and they came individually numbered in a spray painted 7" mailer.

Inside you get the 7" on clear and loads of cool shit like cards etc.

Including my favourite of all, a pop up thing with the number of 50 and a personal scribbled message.

This was released before they signed to earache and was put out by Dead& Gone (RIP) and thrashgig-SSS singer Foxy's shortlived label (as well as his gig promotion thing). Anyway like I said a new LP is due out sometime so get on it.


Mike said...

Can not wait for the new SSS LP.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Aye, I know it's been recorded and was in the process of getting mixed about a month ago...hopefully earache will throw it out in time for summer.