Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Drainland-And so our troubles began 12"

Around a year ago me and a couple of mates travelled to Yorkshire to check out a grand vegan resturant and then afterwards we went to the world's (in)famous 1 in 12 club in Bradford. The main band playing that night was some band out of Ireland called Drainland. I wasn't expecting much but I was mighty impressed when they belted out some great sludgey hardcore punk (ala Eyehategod and 16). Nice guys too. I had a chat about UFC with one of them after the show when I bought their split 10" (with Grinding halt). They had recorded and were just about to release this 12" but it wasn't out in time for the show.
Okay skip forward nearly a year and I just find out that these guys have signed to Southern Lord records-that's a mighty impressive feat and it seems that the first release on that label is a CD version of this 12". Since I didn't own a copy I thought I better track one down before they start going for daft money on Ebay. This is a split release between the band, Head wrecker, IFB and Degranrepublick. 6 heavy as hell songs that will pulverise. The packagaing is pretty minimal-in fact the sleeve is flmsy as hell but the vinyl looks nice and is thick.
I'm stoked for them getting signed-now more folk can appreciate their grand noise.

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