Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sick of it all-s/t 7" Gilman street pressing

Unlike 2015 I haven’t been chasing many big items this year. Partly because 2015 was the most expensive (and best) year ever of my entire collecting career and also I’ve had other funds going out lately like some stuff that needed doing to my house and I’ve been to NYC twice over the last 12 months as well. With the £pound being in the toilet thanks to 52% of the voting public choosing to leave Europe it’s screwed up everything-especially buying expensive records from abroad. Or even visiting abroad.
The most expensive record I’ve had this year is the Gilman street pressing of the first Sick of it all 7”. While not in the same league and price range as the likes of Chung king or true till death silver sleeve, it’s still one of the big hitters on Revelation and a really cool item to own. Funny enough, this wasn’t even on my wants list (a glaring omission I know) but a friend emailed me offering me a couple of things including this. Of course I didn’t mess about, I said yes pretty much straight away.
 This was a pressing made up for a show in 1988 and in my opinion is easily the best thing that they ever did (although the first four albums are solid but they don’t touch this). Definitely one of the NYHC classics.
 Each copy is numbered on the top of the inner sleeve as you can see. I’m very happy with this as you can see it’s in great condition. This marks my 8th copy of this record. To anyone who doesn’t collect records obsessively that might seem like an insane amount but I’m way off of completing the collection. I haven’t even got a copy of the recent Conne island pressing and with it going for something daft like 160 Euros on Discogs it might be a while till one falls in my hands.