Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Iron Maiden-We shall never surrender 2XLP

So here's the first of my bootleg score. As I said in my previous post these belonged to me originally. This one I think came from a record fair in either Blackburn or Blackpool (both horrible towns) circa 1987. Sides A, B + C were recorded in New York 1982 and were broadcast for some radio show so the sound quality is very good and side D is from Stockholm 1984 but only a few songs from that show. The cover art is actually from the magazine Heavy metal. I think I even had the issue that picture is from which was typical of bootlegs of the time Some just used totally irrevelvent pictures for the front cover which kinda added to the mystique. Bruce is on form here. He must be the greatest frontman of all time. You honestly feel like he's just talking to you directly. What a dude.

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