Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Iron Maiden-Eddy's mind 2xLP

Ok here's the second of my bootleg score. It's a recording from Milan 1984 from the world slavery tour and the set list is almost identical to Live after death. Quality obviously isn't like that official live masterpiece but it's still pretty decent. I like the cover although it obviously wasn't a Derek Riggs' illustration but some fan's own interpretation of Eddie. And of course they spelled his name wrong on the album's title.

 Another thing about this is that those hand drawn labels were done by me aged 15. So you know what I mean about getting part of my childhood back?
All in all this is a cool one. This was also pressed on blue splatter vinyl but good luck getting one of those. I only ever saw one once and that was in 1987 (just before I got this) and it was going for daft money back then.

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