Thursday, 21 July 2016

(Los) Crudos-Doble LP Discografía 2xLP Green vinyl

(Los) Crudos were one of the most prominent and inspiring hardcore bands of the nineties. Musically they were more similar to the many international hardcore punk groups of the eighties but they were known more for their Spanish speaking vocals and lyrics and also their desperation and passion. This wasn't a bunch of privileged kids with rich parents and designer skate clothing, these were the real deal. This discography was released a few years ago by Maximum rock n roll magazine but thankfully La vida es un mus records outta London has done the much needed European press. It compiles everything and sounds and looks great and comes wrapped in a luscious gatefold sleeve with a lyric booklet. Even if you have all their stuff already this worth picking up. If you hurry up you can still snag the limited green vinyl.