Monday, 6 August 2012

Walk the plank-Dead weight in hostile waters LP Reunion edition

I’m doing a Marcus i.e posting about a record that was only available at a show which I never attended. The show was Walk the plank’s latest final gig ever (until the next one) which held in Livepool the other weekend. In fact I missed their other last ever gig too in 2007 which was held on a boat. I did however see the bands a few times before then and I did catch the first reunion show this year at Morrowfest in Nottingham (which was ace). I couldn’t make this one though but my friend Lee picked me up a special copy of their album ‘Dead weight in hostile waters’ which was on sale. Thanks a million dude.

Originally released in 2006 by (the now defunct) Dead & gone records, this was easily one of the best UKHC records of the 00’s. And next to Voorhees, Walk the plank were my favourite band with Lecky on vocals. This record is a beast.

 This special reunion edition is limited and numbered out of 50 and features a Pushead spoof cover dubbed ‘shithead’. Pretty damn funny. It’s got me thinking that I still need a test press and  one with the ‘Save out of step’ cover.


Mike said...

I love Walk The Plank! This is a pretty sweet looking record.

Mugsey said...

I guess the 'Shithead' thing is reference to Pushead flaking last minute on doing the art for one of the Pieces Of Hate 7"s with WTP's own Broomo having to do the cover instead.