Saturday, 11 August 2012

Quicksand-s/t 7"

One of the many recent represses from revelation records is the first Quicksand 7" on green. Although I was a fan of the first album (not so much with the second one) this is still my favourite Quicksand release. Revelation wasted no time in marching into the 90's with records by bands like this along with others like Burn, Inside out and Shelter. This ushered a new era in hardcore. The youth crew orienated hardcore of the late 80's seem to suddenly become a thing of the past (until the revival). Quicksand featured Walter from Youth of today and Gorilla biscuits-which I found ironic. What was that line about 'coded messages in slowed down songs'?
 Contridictions aside, this was and still is a storming record-heavy , hard hitting yet big on groove.
As this post was originally meant to be about the aforementioned green vinyl repress  but I decided to dig out my other copies of this record since I have all the colours. There's the first pressing of black and the limited version of white (to 1000) and then around 2001-2002 Rev decided the 'final' press (yeah right!) would be on gold vinyl (300 copies). Skip forward to last year's record store day and a blue vinyl version was pressed up for the day. There were 1000 of these I think-and there were two different varients of the same colour. I only bagged one. And now we have a green version. Of course I'll grab the next colour whenever it surfaces. You can never own too many copies of this record.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Nice collection man

Mike said...

Very nice. Did you see someone is finally repressing the Slip LP?