Saturday, 11 August 2012

Crusades-Parables 7"

‘The sun is down…’ by Crusades was my favourite album of last year hands down.  It’s hard to describe how awesome that record is. Dark sounding yet melodic punk with an strong anti-religious slant. These two new tracks on this 7” released by Destructure records continue the tradition yet musically sound  more mature. Here’s a band that’s constantly improving. As great as that debut album is you still feel the best is yet to come.  I got lucky with this release as I only checked the Destructure website to order the Hark 7” but was stoked when I saw this was up for pre-order. First 100 on clear.


Mike said...

Doh! I didn't know that this was available!

Mark-Sandwell said...

Only just got it. You need a copy.

Mike said...

I do need a copy. I'm waiting for It's Alive Records to put them up so I can buy one without paying the overseas shipping costs!