Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Violent reaction-s/t 7"

Okay I know I've been slack of late. For some reason my camera wouldn't connect with this blog. Anyhow it seems sorted for now so let's get on with it....
 Last week I went to see Violent Reaction in Manchester. Hailing from Liverpool, Violent reaction started as a one man sXe project but has turned into a proper band. The demo got loads of hype and many folk I know were banging on about it saying it was some of the best old style hardcore next to the Boston strangler (and you know how hot that band is at the moment). Even Nick Royles made a surprise appearance at the gig last week in Manchester so it must have been huge. Anyway after I was convinced-Violent reaction are the real deal and THE shit. Also it was the record release show for the band's debut 7" and all the copies on sale were sold out even before the first band played. Damn, that's impressive especially in this day and age.
 So this record then. It's a co-release between Quality Control and Static shock records and I believe this first press is limited to just 326 copies. I can't see them lasting too long. If you like your hardcore with bite then this is well worth picking up. No limited colour of vinyl (I bet there will be on the next pressing) but I believe there are different coloured variations of the sleeve. Personally I'm not assed about that at the moment. It's just good to have a copy. Play this fucker LOUD!!!!!

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Poshrat said...

I went to see Heroin Diet and The Flex. Came away only liking H.D. but that's the way it goes.