Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Burning love-Rotten thing to say LP

The curse of Southern lord mailorder strikes again. I placed an order recently and only half of it was right when it arrived. They certainly live up to their notorious rep and after half a week and a few emails later asking them to sort this out I still haven’t heard anything back…..useless!!!!
Anyway I’m pleased that the part of the order they didn’t stuff up involved the new Burning love LP on colour. I love this band and I’m aiming to get a big Burning love collection going (if anyone has any of their test presses for sale or trade….!!!) so I would have been miffed to miss out on this. Not sure how many were pressed on this colour. The stoned dude who does the mailorder at Southern lord probably doesn’t know either…
Musically it’s in the same vein as all their other stuff. Heavy but groovy. Chris Conlon’s vocals rule. This has already had plenty of plays in the ipod and has helped me get through the days at work this week so far.


Gavin said...

Great record, they've really raised the bar on this one.

maddie0147 said...

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upfrown said...

did you know about the cassette pressing of their debut being released?