Friday, 27 July 2012

Iron Maiden-Women in uniform 7"

Sometimes you tend to find scores in the most unusual of places-okay it's not uncommon to find records at a hardcore gig but it's not that often you pick up early iron maiden records at a show-better still this was really cheap. I've droned on before about letting my iron maiden collection go in the late 80's but I still have an hard on for the early stuff (Paul Diano period). The artwork was amazing for those first records. Having Maggie Thatcher on the front certainly gives it a punk feel. Hell, it was more punk looking than most punk records anyway although Steve Harris swears they had nothing in common with it. Anyway a nice pick up. I want a copy of 'twilight zone' again next.


Mike said...

NIce! I'd love a copy of this at some point. 5 years ago, I put a good sized dent in collecting Maiden vinyl, but I've really fallen off since then.

Mark-Sandwell said...

It's not a great song but man, what a cover.