Saturday, 28 July 2012

YACOPSAE- Einstweilige Vernichtung LP Die hard

Chris Dodge's Slapaham records was and still is one of my favourite labels ever. I bought stuff religiously from the early nineties onwards because nearly everything he put out was a classic in the making (and definately is regarded as such today). Even towards the end of the label  in 2001 I was buying off him direct so I could get the colour versions (usually limited to 200 each). Thankfully he had switched to paypal (in it's early days before Ebay bought and took it over) so I didn't have to send dollars in an envolope via air mail anymore. Some of the very last releases were on CD so I ended up skipping them hoping they would get the vinyl treatment . Such was the case with this Yacopsae LP which did eventually-only years later on another label (FOAD records) as Slapaham folded leaving an awesome legacy and discography.
 Hell,this is power violence pretty much at it's finest. Seriously this shit knocks off your head and shits down your throat. Shame it never got the same props as Crossed out, No comment etc because it probably wouldn't be out of place amongst the all time greats like such.
 I'm not a fan of the most limited colour vinyl being on black (I'm old school you see) but in this case I can make an exception of this 'die hard' version-housed in a plain black embossed cover this actually looks pretty damn good. Only 100, all hand numbered.  Glad it finally made it out on wax, shame it wasn't by Slapaham but props to FOAD for unleashing this beast on us once again and at last on the format it deserves.

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