Sunday, 10 June 2012

SOD-Crab society north LP

I'm a life long SOD fan. After all they were one of the bands I got into that got me into hardcore. I first heard 'speak English or die' when I was 15 on the side of a dubbed cassete (DRI or crumbsuckers may had been on the other side). Despite the fact that Billy Milano was an utter cock and the questionable lyrics (were they really being ironic?), it was some of the heaviest music ever and still remains so to this very day. There's nothing I can think of that's harder sounding.
 So the aptly named FOAD records (I haven't heard that term since I was a kid) have put out this LP which contains both demos (if you call them that). They're rough sounding and if it wasn't anyone important like SOD then you would dismiss this as utter crap probably but as it stands it's an important musical doccument of an era long passed by.
 FOAD have outdone themselves in the packaging department too. This thing looks great and comes in a lush gatefold sleeve and on picture disc. Normally I wouldn't care less about picture discs as they sound like shit but to be honest it doesn't make much difference here and you have to admit it looks pretty sweet and face it -picture discs are so 80's -and they are very METAL!!!!


Mike said...

I love SOD. Any songs that weren't on the LP on here, or is it just demo versions of those songs?

Mark-Sandwell said...

There's no track listing ha but there a few I recognise but some are unreleased.

elliott said...

oh mark, how little you understand..this isn't an s.o.d demo as you described it. true these are the same musicians that were in s.o.d but this is the crab society north demo. a 15 minute long 63 track demo. noise my friend. pure fucking noise. this is the first ever noisegrind demo. a tracklist does actually exist if you'd bothered to do a little research. the other demo is a demo after the csn demo from 85 and to be honest it's underwhelming. but the csn demo is the best thing ever. ps foad records is run by the guy from cripple bastards, a very good grind band. do a little research before posting.

elliott said...

ps the csn demo was recorded on a Walkman plugged into a speaker and most of the tracks were improve noise. with songs like danny spitz will fuck anything and mdc hang out in gay bars. and yes they were being ironic. and I hope you were being ironic in your post not doing any research. my spelling may suck but at least before I do a blog post I research the band.