Friday, 22 June 2012

Gehenna/Integrity-Split 7"

When this record was put in the Holy terror webstore I didn't pick it up because there was nothing else I wanted and it never seems worthwhile just ordering one item from the states with the postage costs but when I did decide I'd get it anyway it had sold out. Nothing more annoying than missing out on a record that you had chance to get originally. Anyway a friend announced on facebook that he had picked one of these copies (just limited to 100) on Tuesday night at the Integrity show in Sunderland on Tuesday night. Since I was catching them the night after in Manchester I thought I may be able get one after all. Funny because I was expecting Marcus to get in touch about getting him one too and sure enough he did that morning. Well good news for me and him as I managed to get two copies. It seemed that they had sold out later on unless they were rationing them out for each show. They all come with the test press labels. and look lovely on this solid green colour. The Integ track isn't one of their best but I've only listened to it once so there's time for it to grow on me. The Gehenna tracks are brutal.
 I love gig/tour items especially when the show you got them from was amazing and Integrity most certainly were. In fact the last time I saw them was in France 1997 and Marcus was with me at that but that trip deserves an article on it's own (in fact Marcus did do one in his old zine).  I'm stoked that I grabbed this. Marcus, your copy will be in the mail soon buddy.


mcs said...

Didn't realise that the only time you had seen them before was that trip to France! How come you didn't go to the Manchester show circa 2003?

I've seen them twice in the last few years down here in London. Been great both times.

Mark-Sandwell said...

No, I can't remember why I didn't make the Manchester show. Probably had something to do with that I moved houses around that time. Still I was gutted I'd missed out as I heard it was killer. Just the thought of already seeing them in '97 stopped me from getting depressed about it.